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Everything depends on the way in which each individual expresses his or her being, his/ her being perfect or imperfect, and this becomes the protagonist among two women aware of their beauty and their potential, naive but still strong, abnormal.

Curiosity grows, it crosses natural and clean bodies, balancing colors, fabrics, and volumes in a completely new way and this is expressed through jackets in vinyl materials, insecurity and loneliness comes out, that feeling far from everything that surrounds them but vivid inside both of them, there is always the desire to live and let go.

A strong adrenaline and having experienced strong emotions in life, led me to discover that side of lightness and transparency that is hidden inside every one of us, I think that it is sometimes necessary to take courage, the one we are never aware to have, fundamental and look at things in a way we never thought of looking, listening, touching, feeling, dreaming all the nuances of a common life, so why not to think to overlap all these feelings?
Mix all these oppositions even for a moment?

Like being able to send a right but at the same time the wrong message, wear dresses, skirts, and trousers, not like those you wear every day but those that we would never have thought to wear.
Sit down, not comfortable on a chair, but simply sit on the floor, mirror and then see ourselves so perfect that you can never take your eyes off that mirror, but nothing is as we see from the outside, there is a main imperfection: insecurity.

I challenge anyone who has never, in their life, thought to reset even for a moment their adventures, episodes, moments when you were sure to be doing the right thing but instead, probably it was a big mistake, or you've never been to a crossroads in your life and you stopped to ask yourself: "So, what now? Is it worth it? I'm ready?"
And when you cannot find answers to your big questions, don’t stop right there, you have to keep looking and try harder and maybe after attempts, you might finally find the right solution, the right way, the one that leads you to success and the key to everything is inside you and only you and exclusively you can give meaning to what life has given you.

You do not need to spur words, you do not have to stay there thinking, but just react, this is what takes you to success, which brings you after a great climb to the summit and from there you can say that in spite of everything you made it!

Coincidences overlap, words that represent everything and at the same time, nothing spread on human bodies that nurture great strength in them. Great lines that transform right elements into a wrong shape, curves so invisible to such a point that they do not give space to the perception of themselves.

Nothing is transformed into something here and it is precisely what I intended to represent on the set, the combination of outfits here becomes the focal point. The objective is to transmit harmony and serenity to the viewer.

The aim is to create something different, something never seen before and at the same time super cool, adding a touch of creativity, of my passion that is added to each image, it is enriched in a few steps to make sure that the impossible becomes possible.

Why using vinyl?
What inspired me and what I focused my attention on is the idea of something never lived and unquestionable, a futuristic touch aimed at spatial times to give different vibrations, unknown, since every one of us is unique as individual, from my unicity can only come out something unique.

Another motivation that led me to consider the use of vinyl clothes was the ability that this material has to give uniqueness to colors, strong colors but at the same time, they can give sensuality and femininity to each body, give it harmony without filters with absolutely contemporary forms.

What this editorial, with colors and shapes that are the emblem of the millennial society, really wants to express is that life should be lived every day as if it was the last day, no matter what obstacles you find on your way, what is important is to have a great strength and determination in dealing with everything and it is how through lights, flash makeup, clothes, between clear and unclear backgrounds this imperfect story is realized, but the awareness of our imperfections is what makes our life perfect!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020