What is MUDISCH?
We’re on a mission to build the world’s best community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired.
Tens of millions of people look for design inspiration and feedback on MUDISCH. We help artists share screenshots (shots) to show off their current projects, boost their portfolio, and love what they do. MUDISCH is the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with artists and creative talent around the globe.
Sign Up and Sign In
I signed up for MUDISCH but I didn’t receive the confirmation email.
If you don’t see the confirmation email, make sure to check your Spam folder and, if you’re using Gmail, please check the Social and Promotions folders.
Contact us if you don’t find it there.
I can’t remember my password for signing in. How do I reset it?
If you can’t remember your password, you can use the ‘Forgot?’ link next to ‘Password’ on the Sign In page to reset it. Be sure to enter the same email address as the one you have registered with MUDISCH.
I can’t sign in after resetting my password.
Be sure you’re using the same email address that you used to reset when signing in to your account. Also, note that passwords are case-sensitive; make sure there are no extra spaces in the password field when you try to sign in. Contact us if you continue to have trouble.
Accounts & Billing
Where can I find a receipt for my purchase?
You can view your entire purchase history, including printable receipts for your orders, on the Dashboard above your MUDISCH account settings.
Can I have a username that is already taken?
Perhaps. Inactive MUDISCH accounts may be renamed or removed at our discretion. We will not rename or remove an active account except in the case of name squatting, which is prohibited. You can request a username for an account that appears inactive, but please note that not all activity on MUDISCH is publicly visible.
MUDISCH usernames are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and are intended for immediate and active use. Usernames may not be inactively held for future use. Attempts to buy, sell, or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for MUDISCH accounts or usernames are prohibited and may result in account suspension or removal.
Can you send me an invoice?
We don’t provide invoices but do provide receipts, which are emailed after purchases and available for reference on the Dashboard page under your MUDISCH account settings.
Golden and Blue Tick & Talented
Our users will be granted Blue Tick and Golden Tick based on their works in their portfolios evaluated by MUDISCH team in terms of quality.
Based on these ticks (Blue and Gold), our users will be entitled to special points such as being introduced to official partners of MUDISCH for big projects.
How do I upload my work?
Anyone can sign up to find, follow, or hire artists at MUDISCH. However, any work you share on MUDISCH will remain private (visible only on your profile and on the Find Talented Page) until you have received an invitation or credit from a community member. By going Pro, you won’t need to wait for an invitation.
Invited (grant credit) members are called Official Members. Members who would like to share their work but have not yet been prepublished are called Talented Members. We give members, who are highly experienced in their careers, a golden and blue tick, which has certain privileges in the MUDISCH community.
For example, a Golden Tick can grant credit to three talented members per month in Find Talented page and a Blue Tick can grant credit to two talented members per month, and a Pro Account can grant credit to one talented member per month.
Why does MUDISCH have an invitation or grant credit process to share work?
Having members take responsibility for those they prepublish sharpens the focus on sharing interesting works. We also put a limit on credits or invitations, which helps our small company scales the site and our support of it. This strategy is imperfect—we know there are many fantastic artists still not published, so our efforts to grow gracefully are ongoing.
With so many Talented Members on MUDISCH, how will I ever get credit?
We know trying to find an invitation or grant credit can be sometimes tough, but there are a few ways you can improve your chances of catching an Official Member’s attention:
Upload your work(s). Any work you upload will only be visible on your profile or on the ‘Find Talented Page’ until you are pre published.
Fill out your profile (Account settings). Help the community get to know you! Upload an avatar and write a short bio so members can get a better feel for who you are and what you are about.
Add your skills and location. Potential Official Members will be able to find Talented Members by skill and location, so the more info you provide, the better.
Go Pro. Talented Members with a Pro account do not need to wait for an invitation.
How giving credit or sending the invitation for a Talented User is done?
When you have a Golden Tick, Blue Tick, and/or a Pro Account, you can go to Find Talented Page, and consider the works of artists there on that page, and if any artist grabs your attention, make it possible for the intended artist to be promoted from a Talented User to an Official member by clicking on "grant credit".
Artworks and projects of Talented Members will be published officially in MUDISCH after they are given credit. The other method for giving credit is the invitation on the page of Find Talented; if you know an artist who is not in MUDISCH, you can allocate the credit directly to the artist through sending an invitation including a registration link as an Official Member to his/her email address. After registration through the invitation from you, the intended artist will be recognised as an Official Member.
What are Shots?
Shots are screenshots posted by members to show what they are working on. All Official Members can upload still images or animated GIFs. Pro members can upload video files.
What are the size restrictions for shots?
The file size limit for shots is 10MB. Shots must be cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio (either before uploading or as part of the upload process), but otherwise have no resolution restrictions as long they do not exceed the file size limit.
What are the requirements for video shots?
A Pro account is required to upload video files. The file size limit for video shots is 10MB (the same as still images and animated GIFs). Videos must be 60 seconds in length or shorter. Videos must also be cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio (before importing) and in the MP4 format. There is no restriction on the resolution of a video as long as it is less than 10MB and under 60 seconds long.
What is an Attachment?
An Attachment is an extra file that Pro members can upload along with their shots (source files, process images, etc.). When uploading and cropping, you can also choose to keep the larger, original image as an attachment when needed.
Can I select a teaser frame for my video or animated GIF?
Not at this time. We automatically use the first frame of the video or animation for the teaser, so plan how your shot cycles carefully!
My GIF is not looping. Can you help?
We don’t modify the original file you upload. Bad configuration or a problem in the image export is usually to blame for GIF looping issues. Try verifying that your original file you exported locally loops in various browsers.
How can I leave comments on shots?
Comments can be left on shots using the form at the bottom of each shot page. Currently, only Official Members are able to leave comments.
Comments can include some HTML tags for formatting and links, and you can mention other members if you want them to know you’re talking about them.
Credit or Invitations
How can I get more credit or invitations?
The MUDISCH team evaluates official members' projects and gives members who have quality projects a blue or golden Tick. So with one of these two ticks, you can send more than one invitation per month.
A Talented Member I approved isn’t using their account. Can I revoke their invitation or credit?
Sorry, we can’t revoke invitations or credit once they’ve been accepted. Once a Talented Member is approved, they will remain as such, so make your invitations or credit count!
Can I buy or sell MUDISCH credits or invitations?
No. Buying and selling MUDISCH accounts is prohibited. MUDISCH will suspend or remove any accounts that are participating in these sorts of transactions. Guidelines for MUDISCH credits or Invitations Please don’t message artists on MUDISCH to ask for a credit or invitation.
Credits or invitations should not be used as prizes for contests, but given genuinely based on your interest in following someone’s work.
Credit or invitation contests that require likes, follows, or ungenuine social gestures for entry are prohibited. MUDISCH’s credit & invitation system aims to increase the number of talented artists and interesting works on MUDISCH—not to draw attention to your profile.
Please do not attempt to sell or buy MUDISCH credits or invitations, or pursue fake follows on MUDISCH.
Your account may be suspended or removed if you engage in activities that violates these guidelines.
What is Pro?
Pro is an upgrade that gives you complete control over your MUDISCH profile. Pro features include:
Video: Upload MP4 files up to 60 seconds long.
Attachments: Add files along with your shot uploads (PSD, .zip, larger views, etc.).
Advanced Stats: Keep track of your traffic, biggest fans, profile views, and more.
Blog: You can create your own blog on MUDISCH and write anything about your profession, artists, other artworks and etc..
Goods For Sale: Add “Buy” links to your shots when sharing shirts, prints, icon packs, themes, etc. for sale.
Both Official Members and Talented Members can purchase Pro accounts. Talented Members who purchase a Pro account will not need to wait for a credit or invitation to share their work with the community.
Pro accounts are a big part of our business, and help our company stay afloat without needing to resort to obtrusive advertising or other unpleasant methods of income. We really appreciate the support!
What happens when my Pro upgrade expires?
If you don’t renew your Pro upgrade, you’ll lose access to Pro-only features. Your Projects will disappear as well, but don’t worry: they’re only hidden, not deleted. If you decide to Go Pro again, all your existing Projects will become visible again. If you purchased Pro as a Talented Member and your upgrade expires, you will return to “Talented Member” status again and will need a credit or invitation to share your work with the community.
Jobs and Finding Artists on MUDISCH
How do I hire artists from MUDISCH?
There are a few easy ways to hire amazing talented artist from MUDISCH—including posting a job on MUDISCH Jobs and/or contacting artists directly with our Sourcing Platform.
Artists Search
Source, organize, and message designers who are open to work opportunities with these features:
Find amazing artists that match what you’re looking for via advanced search and filtering.
Stay organized and improve your workflow by grouping your favorite artists into private lists.
Connect with and message artists who are open to hearing about work opportunities.
How can I contact designers on MUDISCH about work opportunities?
You’ll need to sign up for a hiring offering to contact artists about work opportunities.
Artists can indicate that they are open to work opportunities and being messaged, which allows subscribers to be able to contact artists about relevant opportunities.
Note: Making sure our artists are taken care of is our top priority, so be sure to send them quality messages and follow the Guidelines for Messaging Artists when using our hiring offerings. MUDISCH reserves the right to suspend your messaging if your messages are inappropriate or offensive in any way. No spamming—job inquiries only. If your messaging has been suspended, please contact us for more information.
What is response rate?
An artist’s response rate is the percentage of new messages that were responded to within 72 hours over the last 90 days. Currently, response rate is only visible to the artists.
Guidelines for Messaging Artists
Artists are able to mark themselves as open to job opportunities and messages - look for the Message button on their profiles. When sending a message to an artist, please follow these guidelines:
Your message must be a work inquiry regarding an art job or a project.
Please personalize the messages you send—don’t send boilerplate messages. They tend to feel impersonal and lack the detail necessary to be appealing. This means you should use their name, provide a brief description of the work or job for which you’re hiring, and any detail you find compelling about the artist’s work on MUDISCH.
Please make sure the artist you’re contacting is a good fit for your job or project as indicated by the work, bio and skills on their profile. Many artists also declare the type work in which they’re interested in their hiring statement—so make sure your message conforms with their stated preferences.
Have a specific job or project in mind: Don’t ask if someone is looking for new opportunities or if anyone they know is looking for new opportunities. You must have a specific job or project and state it in the message.
MUDISCH reserves the right to suspend your messaging if your messages are inappropriate or offensive in any way. No spamming—job inquiries only. If your messaging has been suspended, please contact us for more information.
Abuse on MUDISCH
How does blocking work?
You can block another MUDISCH user by clicking on the report link on their profile page. After reporting a user, the reported user will not be able to:
follow you
leave comments on your projects
add you to lists
add your shots to save
How do I report inappropriate content or bad behavior on MUDISCH?
Contact us if you see behavior on MUDISCH that violates the guidelines.