How to create a project?

Step 01: After registration in MUDISCH, you see a button named “Create a Project” above MUDISCH platform. By clicking on the button you can start to create your project. After registration in MUDISCH Pro Accounts include all MUDISCH features, and also Business Account can have a free access to all MUDISCH features by default. After registration in MUDISCH Step 02: The Talented and Official accounts can use one shot in PNG, JPG, or GIF format on Create a Project Page After registration in MUDISCH The Pro and Business accounts can use multi-shots in PNG, JPG, GIF format and videos in MP4 and 4:3 (Aspect Ratio). For better presentation, we suggest that you follow 1600x1200 or 3200x2400 sizes for shots.
Or edit your projects based on the following:
Sample Shot 01
After registration in MUDISCH
Sample Shot 02
After registration in MUDISCH You can use your creativity to present your projects in these sizes. As you know, how a project is presented is a great factor for receiving job offers
Step 03: Choosing a cover for Talented and Official accounts is possible by clicking on Edit Cover as in the following: After registration in MUDISCH The Pro and Business accounts choose their cover by clicking on Select Cover button like this below picture: After registration in MUDISCH Step 04: After uploading a photo/or photos and choosing and/or editing a cover for it, you then need to complete information for better presentation, then click on PREPUBLISH or PUBLISH button.

Creating blog for Pro and Business Accounts

By clicking on your own avatar and then going to your profile page, you will have access to some of your needed features and information. After registration in MUDISCH On your profile page and in the section of features tab, you can see Blog option. By clicking on this option, its tab will open and then you can get into the section of creating blog by clicking on “Create a New Topic” and create your blogs of different topics. After registration in MUDISCH