Our Code of Conduct and your pledge to be an upstanding member of the MUDISCH community.

1. I will upload only work that I’ve created

Share your own work on MUDISCH.
• Don’t post others’ work.
• Don’t take credit for others’ work.
• Don’t post copyrighted or trademarked content.

2. I will upload artwork

MUDISCH is a place to upload what you’re currently working on and portfolio quality work.
With updates to MUDISCH’s increased file size and file formats, MUDISCH members should be thoughtful about the artwork they upload.

• Don’t share content that you would share on a video-sharing platform—including promotional videos, commercials, and tutorials. Video uploads should be used for artwork progresses, Backstage, produce of artwork, and artwork of this nature.
• Don’t share showreels—let your collective shots tell the story of your work.
• If you’re using audio to enhance your shot, please use it thoughtfully. Make sure you have permission before using audio that's copyrighted or stick to audio that's under creative commons.

If your shot violates these guidelines, it will be removed from MUDISCH.
Note: Per our Terms of Service, MUDISCH has final say over whether content is appropriate.

3. I won’t post inappropriate content

MUDISCH aspires to be a welcoming and inclusive community. Please don’t post content that is:
• Illegal
• Pornographic or gratuitously
• Racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive
• Shockingly graphic, grotesque, or obscene
• Inflammatory (e.g. name-calling, preaching, ranting, stirring up controversy, or venting frustrations)

If you post inappropriate content, it may be removed by MUDISCH per our Terms of Service. MUDISCH has final say over whether content is appropriate. If you repost content that’s been removed or continue to post content that violates these guidelines your account may be suspended or removed.
If you notice a MUDISCH member posting inappropriate content, flag the shot or report it by contacting us.

4. I won’t spam other MUDISCH Members

MUDISCH provides many features that allow users to interact with one-another, including messages. Please don’t use these tools indiscriminately to spam or send unsolicited messages to other members. If you’re caught spamming other MUDISCH members, your account may be suspended or removed.

What do we consider spam?
• Using likes, follows, and other disingenuous social gestures to draw attention to your account
• Linking to your own work in comments on other members’ shots
• Asking for likes and/or follows in exchange for a MUDISCH credit or invitation
• Leaving many comments that are short on substance to draw attention to your account
• Misusing site features and functionality in a way that isn’t in line with their core purpose for personal gain

If you see a MUDISCH member spamming others, report it by contacting us.

5. I won’t use MUDISCH invitations to draw attention to my own account

• Credits or invitations should not be used as prizes for contests, but given genuinely based on your interest in following someone’s work
• Credits or invitation contests that require or suggest likes and follows for entry is prohibited
• MUDISCH’s credit & invitation system aims to increase the number of talented artists and interesting work on MUDISCH—not to draw attention to your profile
• Please do not attempt to sell or buy MUDISCH credit or invitations or pursue fake follows on MUDISCH

Your account may be suspended or removed if you engage in activity that violates these guidelines.

6. I will give due credit

If your work is inspired by other work on MUDISCH, make sure to grant credit. You can do this by mentioning the MUDISCH member. Know that work that’s inspired by others may be interpreted as stolen.
If you’re the owner of work that has been posted on MUDISCH without your consent, please review our Copyright Policy.
Please link back to MUDISCH when posting MUDISCH content elsewhere.

7. I will be constructive in my feedback

When providing criticism or feedback to other MUDISCH members—be helpful, not mean.

8. I will use messages to contact MUDISCH members about serious work inquires only

When sending a message to an artist, please follow these guidelines:
• Your message must be a work inquiry regarding a design job or project.
• Please personalize the messages you send—don’t send boilerplate messages. They tend to feel impersonal and lack the detail necessary to be appealing. This means you should use their name, provide a brief description of the work or job for which you’re hiring, and any details you find compelling about the artist’s work on MUDISCH.
• Please make sure the artist you’re contacting is a good fit for your job or project as indicated by the work, bio and skills on their profile. Many designers also declare the type work in which they’re interested on the message form—so make sure your message conforms with their stated preferences.
• Have a specific job or project in mind when contacting an artist. Don’t ask if someone is generally looking for new opportunities or if anyone they know is looking for new opportunities.
• Please don’t message artists to ask for a credit or invitation. Your messaging privileges will be revoked

9. I recognize that personal accounts are only to be used for posting my personal work

All work posted under an individual Official Member account represents that account holders personal work and not the work of a team, collective, community or any other group of individuals.