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Photo by Ingmar Hoogerhoud
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The Fountain of Youth is a symbol of immortality or perpetual rejuvenation. This mythical fountain seems to derive from biblical and classical mythology, and evokes the notions of purification and regeneration. The Fountain of Youth is a spring believed to restore the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. The tales of such a fountain have been told across the world for thousands of years. In Roman mythology, Jupiter would have transformed the nymph Jouvence into a fountain with regenerative power. The goddess Juno bathed there every year to recover her virginity. The Fountain of Youth
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Photography: Dasha Denger Styling: Cloina Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Arpita Brahmbhatt Model: Kayla Williams Fisherman’s Daughter
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Ph: Azizova Alena Md: Aigul Dyskalieva Ag: FP_model_agency_rus Mua : Victoria Bazarova (me) STYLE: Victoria Bazarova (me) style Play on contrast game
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Beauty Retouching Series
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Human today Thinkless bodies
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Original oil painting 116 x 73 cm - 2020. Pink ladies
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Silk organza, satin dress under the top, leather straps Emerald dress with flower and leather straps
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Photographer: @tiffany.sin Model: @kr____is Agency: @wantmanagement Makeup: @lisakolmakova Retoucher:@karaskevich.retoucher Beauty Kris
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Original oil painting on canvas 116 x 73 cm - 2020. Top secret
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My impressions of loneliness. 45*30 cardboard / oil 2020 In a dark room
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Art Direction / Styling @vanessa_bartalesi @vanessabartalesi_portfolio Make up e Hair style @giulia_avarello_makeup My black haired barbie
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dress with leather straps and “burnt” skirt (MIRNAЯ KONTORA patented technology) Couture dress with leather straps
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Original oil painting on paper 240 g/m2, natural linen shade. 76 x 56 cm. To frame under glass to create geeater depth. Blaze it
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"Naked Me": A symbol self pleasure, self approval and self approbation, illustrating that ones complacency can glow in the darkness of thoughts. Painted in 2020 100 cm x 100 cm NAKED ME
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Original oil painting on special paper 240 g/m2 - natural linen shade. 76 x 56 cm - 2019 Paper pasted on hardboard (Masonit). To frame without glass or under glass to create greater depth. La Traviata
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Oil painting on plywood 70 x 50 x 1,5 cm. This artwork is painted black around the edges. Hang it up as such ! Honey trap
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Original oil painting on canvas 73 x 54 cm. 2020. Promenade des Anglais