Pro Business accounts such as you are introduced as “MUDISCH GLORIOUS” when you register in MUDISCH.
This business account will be granted to you for free, and you will never pay anything for using this account.

Glorious is a social network for businesses active in the field of art and fashion which has been created alongside with MUDISCH social network of artists so that artists get to know fashion and art businesses and vise versa.
We have tried to create a platform for these types of businesses through separating the social network ones in art and fashion arena so that they will be able to develop their artists' society and MUDSICH, and make income by having a completely free platform armed with all necessary facilities needed for them. It is good to know that there are new features on the way to be gradually added to Glorious for making it possible for businesses to help them be more profitable.

MUDISCH Glorious is a part of the platform through which all businesses get together in order to do their activities as an artistic community and develop their works, and to benefit from the services we provide in unique, special way; for example, they will benefit from monthly or annual subscription artists pay in their community or those who register as pro account.
As a professional and quality art and fashion company, you may attract your fans to MUDISCH in various business forms, and you will be paid commission per user until your users are in MUDISCH benefiting from its features/facilities.

● You can sell your products/goods. It depends on you and your company's policy how to utilise this facility.
You are able to benefit from MUDISCH Shop in various ways. You can directly sell your products in MUDISCH or use your own e-shop link in MUDISCH Shop.
● You may employ the blog feature for your news, blogs, and research of your brand to inform people or for other usages based on your policy.
● It is also possible to use the project creation section and portfolio either for showcasing your brand or for other usages. There are also many other features which have been explained earlier.
● There is also a feature in Dashboard named “Users” by which you can see all the users you have invited (all those who have registered for MUDISCH through your invitation). Based on this, you will be paid commission if any user, who has been invited by you, activates their Pro Account and pays MUDISCH, so you can make money through your own artists and fans. In the near future, we will equip the Business Accounts with several facilities to allow users to develop their business and utilize the space and its facilities to make profit.

For clarifying ambiguous cases:

● You are not required to pay to use a business account in MUDISCH. (You won't need to pay whilst you are in MUDISCH and collaborate with us.)
● As stated earlier, one of the features through which you can cooperate with MUDISCH platform and have a share of its income is encouraging and absorbing your users and those artists that follow you to register in MUDISCH as pro accounts, and consequently you will be paid commission for every user from the subscription they pay whilst they are active in MUDISCHas pro accounts.
● If any of your invitees registers for a MUDISCH pro account monthly, you will receive commission based on the user's monthly payment.
● It should be notified that every user who registers with the MUDISCH platform through you will be automatically added to the list of your followers in MUDISCH.


When seeking new content/material, art organisations, art/fashion magazines and publishers may make calls for submission known as “Glorify” in MUDISCH. If an artist has a completed editorial, blog, creative project, etc, these are good opportunities. An art organisation/a magazine is more likely to publish what you submit if they are looking for it.


As we mentioned before, as a business account in MUDISCH, you can make income through absorbing users to MUDISCH. Hence, to assist business accounts, MUDISCH has provided Referral Link/URL. Business accounts can apply referral URL to help them absorb their users to MUDISCH.
For example, if you go to account setting in profile edit, you can copy your referral link/URL and paste it on your website or your social pages. After all the steps are taken, if any user registers in MUDISCH Platform as a pro account through your referral URL, you will be paid commission.

To help you get to know MUDISCH Platform more:

MUDISCH is a community for those artists of high quality and every other artist who is willing and interested to join this community and do their activities either as an official or a pro member. Other artists out of these categories, may get their works prepublished and the artists community of MUDISCH will evaluate these works and give them credit. In other words, if any artist whose uploaded artwork is prepublished and it is of great quality and is granted credit from pro and official members, will have the chance of becoming a member of the community, and will be a professional user.

In MUDISCH, all the parameters that artists would need to present themselves are provided in form of special facilities and features including:

● Completely free online shop to sell their goods. (Unlimited)
in which they can sell their goods/artworks directly and without any middlemen or without paying us any commission.
● They can glorify/submit Their artworks for art organizations, art magazines and related entitiesvia MUDISCH Glorious.
● Create their showcase. (Publish unlimited projects)
Creating versatile multi-shot portfolios using pictures and videos.
● Attaching resources to Their projects and making it downloadable for other users.
● Creating a specialized and personal blog. (Unlimited)
in which they may write their reviews, point of view of artworks, etc.
● Advanced figures of your viewership, followers, contacts and facts.
● Chatting to other approved artists.
● HIRE ME: Creates more and better working conditions for them.
They can even get hired in the art community by agencies, art organisations, and magazines, and brands, or other artists, or be invited to collaboration in different forms such as projects, contracts, and others.

We try our best to provide a creative and professional platform in the coming months in order to expand the specialized network of fashion, photography, painting, etc through art and also to build a great perspective exclusively for professional and quality Art (Fashion, Photography, Painting, etc) art organisations, books, magazines and agencies, so we invite you to have your business account for free in MUDISCH in order to benefit from our creative services.

Moreover, Art organisations, magazines, and agencies, and brands can even hire artists, or invite them to collaborate in different forms such as projects and contracts, and others.
We’ve considered some special features for business accounts that they can find new talents, and somehow they will be able to further their business. You should know that a large number of features and professional facilities that will be provided in the future will be appropriate for all the artists' field of activity in the community.

Those art organisations, magazines, publications, fashion brands interested in cooperating with MUDISCH in a 'Pro Business Account' capacity are kindly requested to send their requests to the following email address with the subject of 'Pro Business Account': [email protected]