What’s the Golden Tick?
Which artists will it be granted on the MUDISCH platform?

Team as creative and active with artworks, and when such a tick is granted to these artists. they will be benefited from MUDISCH features/facilities in 3 years for free. (You will never pay anything for using this account in 3 years).

Among the most important facilities that you will enjoy for free, we can mention MUDISCH Shop, Glamour (Instant Portfolio), Workshop, Hire, etc. To observe all the features available in MUDISCH.

How to apply for a Golden Tick?

If you are interested to benefit from the advanced/professional features of the MUDISCH platform for free in the next 3 years by getting a 'Golden Tick' from MUDISCH, please follow these steps to get a golden tick.

1. First register in the MUDISCH Platform.

2. Complete your profile through the "Edit Profile" menu on MUDISCH. Make sure to complete your profile among the About, Skills, Website, Social Media sections. And also create your resume from the "Background" section through the "Edit Profile" menu on MUDISCH.

3. Create/Upload five (5) projects in your MUDISCH profile.

After completing all the steps, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject of "Golden Tick Request". Your request will be registered easily. MUDISCH Review Team considers your request within 7 business days, and if your application is approved/accepted, you will receive a notification email from MUDISCH that you are currently a "Pro Account" with "Golden Tick" on the MUDISCH platform. Then you will be benefited from MUDISCH features/facilities for free in 3 years.

NB: It might be faced with some Golden Tick Accounts that their profiles are not complete. This means that these golden accounts made some collaboration with MUDISCH, or were discovered by MUDISCH Review Team as creative artists and got a Golden Tick.