Creative Point Of View On Fashion

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Creative Point Of View On Fashion

My creative point of view on fashion and fashion style is influenced by many. I do believe that each part of art such as music, paintings, architecture and, and fashion do influence one and another. I believe that fashion is a type of art which you can express a feeling or a story through a photograph, which is a visual art form. You are free to express any opinions about the past or present and try to portrait it in your own way, which is truly art. If I am able to question or create a feeling from someone while seeing one of my work, this means I did it well. If you see a picture, you don’t feel something and you turn the page, that means the message wasn’t understood. When start building a fashion editorial, I always start with magazines offline and online and gather images that I love.
I create a mood board and observe the vibe, energy and the feeling I want to achieve. I feel it is important to always respect your style and always try to put in the front. I love going to museums and looking at the artworks. Just by looking at the clothing on a painting or sculpture you can always know which era and social background it was from. Sometimes, just after a visit to the museum, I always like to think on how I can modernize a piece of art into a photograph with my view on what I just saw. I also watch a lot of documentaries and movies to learn about the past of fashion and it's influence on the world.
For example, Coco Chanel was the first woman to ever wear trouser on a horse, before it was only a skirt, this orchestrated a revolution that changed how women could dress and the perception of men on them. It is important for me to know the history of any art form to be able to represent it in my own personal view on it. I feel fashion and fashion style is an extension of self-expression of the day-to-day basis. It is a result of one individual perception of the world and emotions inside of them. Fashion also showcase the state of the world, for example, a lot of fashion are forbidding fur on their collection because many of these animals are being instinct and the rise of the vegan diet to the millennial.

My biggest inspiration comes from my dad since he always had such a creative style and vision about life. My dad gives me his clothes that he doesn't want anymore for many years, which has built my fashion style very much and my styling for my work. The mixing of menswear and womenswear is a big part of my fashion style for my styling and for my everyday outfits. I feel you shouldn’t be put in a box and should be able to shop any clothing's because it is only a piece of fabric. When I search for inspiration, I usually go take a walk with my music and look around. I often go to vintage shops, because I feel you can always find a treasure beneath everything around. I feel inspiration is in everything. When I look around in the street the building and the way they are built, the textures, colors or even shape of them can inspire a look.

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and your emotions. You don’t have to follow each trend to be something that you aren’t, but embracing yourself and finding what you like to make you feel better. My fashion style is classic yet with a little modern twist, which I wear a classic black spaghetti strap 90s Calvin Klein dress with a pair of sneakers. All about the esthetic of the 90s but with my personal touch, sneakers since I love the mixture of masculinity in a feminine outfit, for me it is the ultimate evening outfit. The advice I would give is to have fun with what they wear, just waking up and being excited to put something that will feel good deep down, yes clothing is just a piece of fabric, but if it can make your day a little bit sunnier, why not As Bill Cunningham said:

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."
—Bill Cunningham

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Friday, February 28, 2020