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Editor's Letter

We live in a world where there are innumerable iconic magazines but the magazines of this type whose philosophy and attitude act like a springboard for development and open competition in fashion and art are rare. Madonna X has tried to be a completely different iconic magazine through being focused on Madonna's philosophy and attitude to the world of art as an icon.


but we study, learn, and continually try to create the best in fashion and art in form of a different world. Madonna X is determined to assist all creative artists to present their artworks beyond limits.

The philosophy on which Madonna X has been created is inspired by one of the most prominent iconic female figures, Madonna in the world and her different attitudes who has been able to break taboos and change humiliating sexual attitudes to shape a dissimilar world, and make a change in people's lifestyle and their attitudes.

For years, Madonna has followed her ideology which includes concepts such as love, freedom, and social issues and tries to go beyond any limit through the language of music and now, Madonna X follow these concepts through the language of pictures and creativity of enthusiastic artists throughout the world.
Stay tuned and follow 'Papa Don't Preach' to grow up together and go beyond social limits and devastating looks and little brains.
With 'Open Your Heart' we revive the enthusiasm of youth for discovering new experiences in ourselves.
Let's shine hopefully with 'Live To Tell' for the future ahead and depict the facts hidden in us.
I know where beauty lives.
I've seen it once; I know the warmth she gives;
the light that you could never see.
It shines inside; you can't take that for me.

And let's gift love with 'True Blue' and create a dream free world in the end with 'La Isla Bonita'.
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Thursday, December 17, 2020