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LYUN Magazine Submissions
June 3, 2021
LYUN Magazine accepts Fashion, Beauty, Sensual/boudoir, Homme, and Plus-Size editorial submissions.
Close in September 3, 2021
Mustache | HOMME Submission
June 3, 2021
Mustache Magazine is a bold new fashion publication centered. Here is a place for all creatives to express their creativity, thoughts, and ideas. Mustache Magazine is a HOMME globally distinguished media outlet that identifies and promotes the talent propelling modern taste from an artistic and industry-driven perspective. Its rising prominence across global fashion industries have made this Berlin originated media outlet one of the most sought after platforms for emerging and established talents around the world.
Close in August 1, 2021
Sensual, Boudoir and Fine Art
June 7, 2021
APHRO is a Birmingham based sensual, boudoir, and fine art magazine. We want to bring together artists of who carry a lot of passion in their works of art, who want to express their position through their art. APHRO publish your biography and articles about your project in the ProShoot edition.
Close in September 7, 2021
el MODA Fashion & Beauty Submission
March 16, 2021
Everyone call it fashion, We call it el MODA. JOIN US! el MODA is a fashion & editorial and fine art magazine.
Close in June 16, 2021
January 28, 2021
We’re on a mission to build the world’s best community for all types of artists! Do you want to showcase your work by publishing it on MUDISCH? Do you wantto publish your editorial exclusively through MUDISCH Glorious platform and under the name of MUDISCH? Please also note that MUDISCH is a creative digital platform that shows creative images from photographers and other talents in the own Glorious.
Close in December 31, 2021
Interfashional Magazine Submissions
April 25, 2021
ACCEPTABLE CATEGORIES FOR PUBLICATION: Fashion, Beauty, Men, Portrait, Sensual, Creative photography. You can send your series in any fashion categories with your creative themes. Feel free to create photographs with your desired imagination and themes.
Close in June 24, 2021
ICONIC Issue, Creative Fashion, Beauty, Boudoir, and Fine Art
March 20, 2021
Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done! This is a different iconic magazine for creative fashion, beauty, boudoir, and fine art. • It is worth mentioning that all the written contents is provided by the editorial team of Madonna X so that when a submission gets accepted by the editorial team, the team add their own literary and artistic inference from the accepted submission in a written form. This literary inference will be presented to addressees in the form of the philosophy in order for getting the addressees and the artwork connected and closer to each other.
Close in December 24, 2021
Picton July 2021 Submissions
May 16, 2021
Close in June 16, 2021
Shoopp! Shoopp! Submissions!
June 3, 2021
We dedicated to showcasing the work of ground-breaking artists from every corner of the world. Shoopp Shoopp is an independent magazine.
Close in August 14, 2021
Fashion And Beauty Submission
June 7, 2021
curvy is sister of the curly magazine and is a monthly indie fashion magazine. The magazine aims to explore the artistic side of fashion.curvy strives to be a medium of artistic expression for photographers, designers and all the creatives involved in the world of fashion.
Close in December 7, 2021
Fashion and Beauty Fever SUBMISSION!
May 8, 2021
LYX Magazine is an upscale fashion and beauty magazine published monthly, featuring high-quality photography, dedicated to providing original, different, unique, and creative fashion editorial content. We always believed that success was about seizing opportunities in life. Our goal with LYX is to provide photographers and artists an opportunity to showcase their work, on a platform to promote their creativity, originality, and authenticity. For those already established, an amazing possibility of reaching out to the audience from all around the world, and for those who are starting, an opportunity to break into fashion. We want to find a spread of amazing and creative material, showcase it, and encourage it to grow by putting the spotlight on promising artists. LYX Magazine is visually driven with an international scope, and its content, carefully selected, celebrates a mix of different talents and styles, all blended together to create each issue.
Close in August 8, 2021