First photo shoot

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First photo session. How to prepare?

1. Purpose. Determine why you need a photo session (for work, personal, gift)

2. Image. You can look for inspiration in the same Pinterest. Or you already have clothes that you want to play with or a favorite character. Collect the mood board from the photo. I will offer mine and choose together.

3. I recommend (and can give contacts) makeup artists. So I, as a photographer, will be calm about your final look.

4. Rehearsal. You can practice in front of the mirror by repeating selected references.

5. Sleep. Get some sleep before shooting and come in a good mood. I know many are afraid of the first photo session. But photographers don't bite. They will help you with everything.

6. Thoughts. Do not think about where to give your hand, where to look. I will tell you about the circumstances and our idea. The main thing is to relax and enjoy the shooting.

7. Discipline. Try not to be late, if the shooting is in the studio, then we have a limited time for which we must have time to do our plans.

Perhaps this is a short list of the main points. If you have any more questions. Write. I will try to cover questions about the photo session.

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Saturday, February 6, 2021