Normal is just an illusion!

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Normal is just an Illusion

Shall we leave the city where its men's voracious eyes follow you and its women are on the verge of collapse due to envy. Here, no hand would ever touch the soil for the sake of wheat's growth; no eye would welcome rain, and no tongue would gracefully sing the song of existence. Thus, light your cigarette yourself because if a hand reached out to you would be for touching a need and if any eye ever saw you, would be only for tearing you limb from limb.

Leave the war-stricken city that is occupied by lust and religion, and off you go without any fear from death-imposing holy figures who only judge you, and bring charges against you.

Beware of the nature of dogs!

Shall you laugh at their lies and history since the bigger their lies are, the more your influence will be on them; and you ought to know that power is in move even if you are sitting and be sure that if today will slip into tomorrow, it will be late; Thus, go beyond the limitations but beware of the nature of dogs when they starve, they tear. Hence, push aside you boundaries of limits while you are aware of your surrounding, and let your way shouts beyond anything; power is embedded in move even if your sitting.

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Thursday, March 18, 2021