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“I believe that love could be my sexual orientation,” says the TTSWTRS brand in a joint shoot with the art group Gorsad Kyiv, which is dedicated to a limited collection for St. Valentine's Day. The new pink capsule includes cosy 100% cotton hoodies for her and for him, which reveal the tenderness and softness of love. Pink is predicted to be the main hit of spring, and the soapy pink that is present in the TTSWTRS collection is also a tribute to love beyond orientations and rules, love as a phenomenon. Gorsad works have been published, among others, by Vice, Dazed and Confused, Metropol, and Kaltblut. GORSAD have several zines and exhibitions in Sweden, Germany, USA, Spain, and South Africa. Also, TTSWTRS have prepared special certificates for 3 different amounts, which look like a bank card with a unique number - as another way to give the hoodie to your soul mate or yourself. This is not the first time TTSWTRS has shot with Gorsad - photographers are bringing up topics that are close to the brand: openness to sexuality, self-identification, and the theme of freedom. TTSWTRS LOVE capsule by GORSAD