Losing The Mask

by Daniel Antropik | Follow
Photographer: Daniel Antropik Styling: Kamila Vay Hair and Makeup: Dagmara Borowska Model: Ewa Mikołajczyk at Rebel Models Fashion: Nikola Fedak , Brazi Druse Jewelry and Galeria Vintage "It’s all about fun. Carnival will be fun!” She says to herself. But first, she has to go out, and before that, there are multiple choices to make. Fashion choices. It about how she looks in the eyes of others, close and distant ones. It is about how she sees herself in a mirror. „What does this dress tell about me? Is it true to my personality? Or maybe that other one will be better.” Questions not easy to answer. It’s about the first impression, the mighty 3 seconds rule. It can be definitive in meeting new people. Will the perfect outfit help taking off the mask and become yourself in the ferocious fun?
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Wednesday, March 4, 2020