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Photographer: Agustin Farias Fashion Producer: Jesica Levy Styling: Raki Fernandez Hair and Makeup: Natalia Soboleva Models: Stacia Roz at The Fashion Management Berlin and Alexis Barbera at Indeed Model Management Photographer Assistant: Virginia Hernández In a nondescript urban setting two souls meet, breaking the monotony of their respective lives. Not belonging to their surroundings, they carry on their daily tasks, unaware of a neighboring city, where they might find their‘place’. They dream of another world. Wanting more than standard internet-contact. Their meeting was like aliens finding a common reality and so they realize how lucky they are. Despite their efforts to "blend in" they are unsuccessful and desolation can be read in their gaze. Grey birds is a modern story about society and the gap between a city’s forgotten youth and past legacies of an urban ideal.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2020