Power Out

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Model and styling: Carolyn Lacasse Photography and editing: Marc-André Riopel Concept: ArtMood Visualz He is a photographer and a retoucher, she is a model, a creative director, a designer and a stylist. Both born and living in Montreal, Canada, they have been inseparable for more than a year now, combining their respective talents to create photographs that are intriguing, that provoke an emotion, that evoke a story. *************************************************************************************************************************************** As ArtMood Visualz, our artistic duo, we push our creativity further and further, avoiding as much as possible ease, clichés and redundancy. We explore all kinds of ideas and concepts. In other words, we create a diverse and complex work, demonstrating our multiple talents and our respective versatility, both technically and artistically. See all of our photos and learn more about us on www.artmoodvisualz.com
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I love it, So beautiful!
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Sunday, April 19, 2020