June 2020, No.501 Vol #2

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Picton Magazine, One of the most effective ways to enhance and further your photography career is to have your work published. In the fashion photography niche, Picton submission opportunities are often the best way to start building your body of printed material. All about fashion and art. Contributes: Yuri Chan, Lina Solntseva, Tatiana Luna, Jazmin Escamilla, Lola May, Nonna Minogina, kayan lee, Ekaterina Polyaeva, Gayane Klimenko, Sam ych, kylahchan, bbybhum, Liza Sherbakova at Modus Vivendis, Lara Chrome, Anna Gusarova, Suzanna Acopyan, Tata Belyan, Nana, Chili Fong, Mizugashi Tansan, Yiu Mei Ki,
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Monday, June 1, 2020