Magpie knitted maxi kimono

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50% OFF - as my first knit ever, it has some beautiful imperfections, so please enjoy in this new, lower price. Fabulous giant kimono hand knitted in aran wool with extra loose fit and flexible comfort. Black and white, maxi length bodice, blocked with long, colourful sleeves makes it easy to wear with your favourite outfit, yet elevating it to another level. Yarn is a soft mix of warm and cozy wool, plus durable and easy-care acrylic, making this piece a stunning and lasting pick-me-up on colder days. • Maxi cozy length with long sleeves for extra warmth • One of a kind fringe decoration on sleeves • Colorful sleeves for easy styling • Signature loose weave giving it texture and flexibility • Draping on the shoulders for unique, extra dramatic shape All items are fully made and decorated by hand in my studio, only one copy available.
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Friday, June 12, 2020