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Esra Copur’s project PROGRAMMED_SOCIETY is a comment on the current zeitgeist, where humans are stuck in an endless repetition of living. “I portray people as programmed individuals who buy items by way of routine, rather than out of necessity. I experimented with repetitions of familiair archetypal garments, such as the the white T-shirt and the outdoor jacket. By literally connecting people to clothing racks, I leave them drowning in their own repetitions.” The futuristic looks of the collection, emphasized by her choice for synthetic fabrics, carries a dystopian message of mindless consumption inspired by Dadaïst artist Raoul Hausmann who said of his work Mechanical Head: “Man has no more capabilities than those which chance has glued on the outside of his skull; his brain remains empty.” That was a century ago.
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Friday, June 26, 2020