SS21 collection "The Earth series"

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In SS21 collectionTTSWTRS consolidates the accumulated visual heritage of humankind as-is to express their own view of the world-to-be. This is their interpretation of the world of our descendants — intergalactic travellers, moving between planets. The collection explores individuals as species, their physical, spiritual and emotional essence. This season TTSWTRS looks into the visual heritage of humankind as a pure constant that can be relocated throughout the galaxy. In the hypothetical future involving space travel and inhabiting new planets, visual culture becomes the go-to communication tool — and TTSWTRS captures it in clothing to imprint the memories of the Earth. The centrepieces of the Earth series are the close-bodied overall, body, and leggins in different hues of beige, imitating naked skin. “Second skin” is ornamented with inscriptions and images: mantras, sayings, primordial and philosophic symbols. They can be interpreted independently or be perceived as a cultural anthology of humankind. Some of the items feature the detailed description of the physical form, disassembling the body simultaneously preserving the essence — human identity.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021