When I discovered Paola Idrontino's personal universe, I was fascinated by her tremendous creativity and enormous visual impact of each of her textile pieces. Paola is a designer who has great power to create impressive pieces. Her references to organic forms, in particular the living organisms of the sea, are very interesting. I made her the proposal to do a photographic shooting outdoors, next to the seashore reinforcing this way that bond between us human beings and the origin of all the living forms that populate the earth: we all came from the sea, and the sea is the source and origin of all life. Sea Creatures is a shooting where we even add references from the classical world of mythology, such as the Birth of Venus by the Italian painter Boticelli. In the purely technical aspects of this shooting, I used a technique well known to photographers: Overpowering the sun. Using this technique, we can shoot outdoors, in broad daylight and still add dramatic points of light to reinforce the visual impact.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2021