p9]-upjp;j;l / In rooms 2020, the revolution has begun - {$M}

by Leni Smoragdova | Follow
When I made it, I was absolutely alone for more than 3 months in my room. The room became like solitary confinement without friends, parties, traveling, or something like this. The room became the symbol of social distance. When we all stay in our rooms, the revolution "black lives matter" has begun. I created 4 rooms. The room №1 - COVID The room №2 - "black lives matter" The room №3 - artworld and business, economics, etc in ruins The room №4 - "0" This is from 2020 and it’s called ‘ewrfsafsdliup;s / In rooms 2020, the revolution has begun - {$M}’
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Tuesday, March 16, 2021