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by Leni Smoragdova | Follow
#TransactionArt The names of the pictures reveal the topic of Transaction. Namely, when the goods arrive at the warehouse, it does not have a name, it has a code. And each time when the product enters a new warehouse, the name of the product changes, because It acquires the next warehouse accounting code. The name of this picture: fghjkljhgfdcvbnji87. That's why I use diverse names-codes for my works on different sites. #TransactionArt It’s a nation of indifference. Poor Transactions Be polite or impudent: it’s all the same, After all, I will not see the reaction And I will not know, what is the name? Instead of a compliment –money transfer, Instead of the warmth exist emails Our communication is colored points. Man suddenly became a mechanism. All is deleted, paroled, protected, Confirmed, uploaded, and translated, Delivered, posted, and recorded. It’s the humanness end, a robot there or a UFO With whom do I conduct a dialogue? Who collects a tax? I do not care.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2021