awefaiwleu / 50 shades of a woman - {$M}

by Leni Smoragdova | Follow
Shortly: 1. Certainly there is a moment of psychology 2. There is a deal/transaction in its different manifestations: both in the material world and in the spiritual 3. Balance 4. Refusal to stick out your own self: I am Mayakovsky! I'm Dali. I'm the smartest ... And you do not catch up. And from here: "warm stops" shows all these facets. The project reveals the disrupted structure of society. People - things = corruption, having a price, proudly carrying their bodies in museums #TRANSACTIONART. Faceless and sketchy images of people: a person as the source of an endless transaction. Transaction beasts: metamorphosis, because the very nature of animals is more natural and balanced. In the works #transactionart the disharmonious facets of society are definitely revealed. As I am an artist, they “catch me and evoke” the emotions.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2021