Salty Mirage

by Luna Marcolini | Follow
On a morning when the dew has not yet rested on the rocks and on the threads of the nets, a spirit of the sea climbs the undertow of the waves. She leaves her “childish” clothes to wear a new life made of light and softness. Attracted by the spell of a free life, she plunges into her mirage but, over time, the earthly world manifests itself for what it really is: hopes shatter on the rocks. It seemed perfect, colorful and instead there is as much lightness as loneliness, as much sun as so much darkness, happiness accompanied by wounds. This new discovery torments the marine spirit, the wind that blows through her hair only increases her doubts: to stay and be unhappy or put aside pride and return to one’s origins. Thus she decides to put on her marine clothes and accessories proudly, more aware of her luck, of her experiences and of breaking into the maternal embrace of the salty sea.
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Friday, October 15, 2021