With love & Royalty

by Tiana Marcano | Follow
This editorial was inspired by the union of king Edward II of England and Isabella of France in which she then became queen consort to Edward II. I had visions of the minuscule details of Edward II and Queen Isabella’s way of life. To the delicate touches upon ones skin that utter endearment with a subtle connotation of sorrow. To then occurrences that weren’t notable within current day history such as the rivalry between a dark haired women and the Queen. In which this rivalry caused havoc for the Queen and internal dismay that projected upon her partnership with the king. Throughout the Editorial I had wanted to portray the intricate emotions that articulate the king and queens union. With a focus on faint expressions that perfectly reflect everyday romantic unions. Even though the royal couple were breed into royalty as humans we undergo corresponding events.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2022