The Maiden

by Shinya Fukami golden tickis pro | Follow
Photography: Ginjiro Uemura Styling: Rieko Sanui Hair: Shinya Fukami Make-up: Kie Kiyohara Set Design: Nazuna Model: Ada at ZUCCA MODELS I was originally interested in paintings by Klimt, but while doing my research, I happened upon Klimt's protege, an Austrian painter named Egon Schiller. I became fascinated by his work, noted for its intensity and raw sexuality, in particular his brutal style and the twisted posing of his portraits. I found his self portrait to be his most attractive work, and the photo with the physalis in the background an Homage to his self portrait. In this work, I see him full of confidence and narcissism, as opposed to portraits of other models which are empty of expression and emotion. My interpretation of this stark difference is that it is born of an inferiority complex, part of his personality which in turn becomes a powerful energy that drives the artist. An energy that transmits itself through the work, and inspired our work.
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Friday, February 28, 2020