Blanche earrings

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Get inspired by a new, exciting, and mystical earrings collection. Featuring three unique designs in three delightful colours, created to elevate and reform every outfit. Simply pop them on and get ready for compliments! New earrings spell change! We now make earrings to order, which means no excess, no waste and always a great new feel. Bespoke is the new black! Raw brass charms in golden shade Handmade flowers with a secret recipe Lightweight and comfortable for all-day adventures Stitched by hand to keep still (now every selfie is a good-earring selfie) Edgy speckles, unique to each earring Come with a silicone non-slip cap for extra comfort All items are fully made and decorated by hand in my studio, made-to-order. Handmade in the UK
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Monday, June 7, 2021