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Graphite drawing inspired by a sculpture Angelique
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It's my Fine Art study! Pencil drawing, Size 21X29 cm Model: Rebekah Rebekah
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50 * 70 Bernini sculpture
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It's my Fine Art study! Pencil drawing, Size 21X29 cm Model: Dasha Astafieva Dasha Astafieva
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From collective fear of survival to a reality of existential harmony. We are facing huge disparity of wealth where one percent owns twice as much as the rest of 6.7 billion people . Capitalism is a vicious monopoly market mechanism of permanent war,oppression,class exploitation,environmental destruction and industrial scale of animal cruelty. We have all the means and resources to go beyond politically impose artificial scarcity and create meaningful abundance here and now. Abolition of capitalism is the only way to democratic cooperation for our needs and well-being. IMAGINE
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I live in England and I hate beans, but I couldn't keep this diva's dress away from them. Collage mobile, 2021. All rights reserved. Sweet jellied beans
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Author's collage in jpg format. High resolution 300 dpi width-27 cm height-38 cm Misha before a choice.
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Drawing Size: 42 W x 29 H x 0.1 D cm 2013 360$ only for USA 13464.../*-
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Mother sun ,father earth
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Author's collage in high resolution jpg format 300 dpi Width-41 cm, height-57 cm Flower-Sock Fairy
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Cause he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes. Mobile collage, 2021. All rights reserved. Was your father a thief ?
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I saw that in your mind I saw that in your mind
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Historically mainstream cinema has been an ideological means to disseminate the ruling values/prejudices and economic interests. Subtle propaganda in peacetime and blatant lies during inter-state class war being the main features of cinema as spectacle/entertainment. Hollywood has been dominating the process of rewriting history and cultural engineering for over a century. Spectacle
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From anthropological metamorphosis to ideological juxtapositions .... Xan
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It's my Fine Art study! Pencil drawing, Size 21X29 cm Model: Ray Morocco Ray Morocco
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The pride of the Dachshund breed. Collage mobile, 2021. All right reserved. Hot dog contest
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Collage of buildings of various styles from different eras creating a patchwork of regular patterns disrupting one another. Two figures are on the run in the scene. The background is a painted landscape, in dark blue tones with an even darker lake. Collaborative art, available digitally on Etsy. Cityscape collage