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Model: Bea Alborch @beaalborch Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie Location: Dubai, HotColdRental Lighting: One light octabox Nikon D810, lens 85mm, ISO 100, f/10, 1/160s Bea
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In this art shooting, I tried to capture the image of the Muse, who is ready to plasticly reincarnate for the sake of the Master's creativity. A real metamorphosis that inspires - is able to reveal his potential. Metamorphosis
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I got bored with the background white-bricked wall for this image, so I injected colour, creating this vibe with model @ceceliashaw.model. What do you think? Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie Location: Mik Space New York Hasselblad H6D-50c with HC80mm lens ISO 100, f/9, 1/125s Lighting: Profoto with 5foot octabox and window light You
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Not likely model: Shay @peyoteshots ⁣ Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie Photography @mcgillivraybirniephotography Makeup: Kelly-Marie Waters Hair: Andrea Connolly Hair Shot taken with Hasselblad H6D-50c with 100mm ISO 100, f/8, 1/160s Using Profoto one strobe bounced off the wall and the other behind the model for creativity. Not Likely
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Photography: Nala Luuna Styling: Marie Revelut Hair and Make-up: Clement Riesen Model: Irya C. at CMODELS PARIS The attribution of identity depends on the things themselves or our vision of the world? The universal idea of the human? Or just my interpretation The multiplicity of a being does not systematically deprive him of a personality. How to reconcile mask and identity? I am becoming another, this mask is necessarily something that covers my identity, another face behind the same face, behind the ordinary face. Is Rimbaud right? the one for whom "I" is another. in this editorial it is a question of multiplicity in the clothes and the colors they come in contradiction of the different faces and the multiple me proposed through the masks which are here a second state a facade to the real. BALANCE IN ALL
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Photograpgher: Sydney Claire Model/CD: Tiana Marcano Makeup Artist: Tanya Marques Photograpgher Assistant: David Oramas L’ange Noir
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This transpired after the initial 4-hour photographic session with a local artist and his artwork. In this closeup shot, the model shows off her beauty, even with no makeup and only dampened hair. Valentina
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test shoot with regina for Voogueme glasses V Box
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Studio shoot in New York working using only bounce light and one strobe. Elena
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Hand painted model, Goldfinger, scene from a bond movie? Inspired? Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography ⁣ Model: Altynai @a.erbolovnna Agency: @ks_models_atyrau Hasselblad with HC150N lens ISO 100 f/11, 1/200s Goldfinger
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digital photography Mexican Affaire
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Test shoot with Valentina @valentina.lyuche Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography⁣ Location: Atyrau, Kazakhstan Lighting: 2 light setup. Using a Profoto medium deep umbrella and beauty dish. Hasselblad H6D-50c with 100mm lens ISO 100, f/8, 1/200s Valentina
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Outdoor, natural light once again with model: Jenna @jenna_elisabeth_ Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography Location: downtown Orlando, Florida Sony A7rii with 70-200mm GM lens ISO 400, f/4, 1/100s Jenna
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@vogueitalia @ragazzomgmt @vivianfuzari book Model
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Underground carpark providing this natural front lit shot Model: Amylee @amylee_gowan Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography Natural Light, Melbourne, Australia Sony A7rii with 70-200m f/2.8 GM lens ISO 1000, f/2.8, 1/160s Underground