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Photography: Yuti Chang Styling: Join Chantisa Hair: Kiyonori Sudo Makeup: Hiroto Yamauchi Model: Sasha Sergeeva at Muse Management Poised
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Graphite drawing inspired by a sculpture Angelique
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PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT FOR MUDISCH ART ORGANIZATION! Photography: Ko-ta Shouji Makeup: YOSHi.T Model: Yuka Nakao Scars, Part-Two
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studio day with Isold ISOLD IN COLOUR
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Photographer: Simon Baungaard Styling: Denis Bjerregaard Hair: Sabina Simmelha Makeup: Stine Rasmussen Model: Pia Priewe at Le Management THE TIDE TURNS was conceived as a project on a beautiful fall evening. The sun was setting, casting a warm light on the boatyard sheds. The vessels had been hauled ashore and warped for the winter ahead. Soon everything would be grey, cold and wet. Summer, and sailing the ocean, would seem so far away. But right at this moment, everything seemed more warm and beautiful than ever. How do I turn this into a story, I asked myself? How do I get this atmosphere into a fashion story? Who is the person with the boat? How will this person spend the winter, when not on the sea? What would be an interesting character in this setting? I like taking inspiration from a scene or situation and work out an imaginative surrounding story. When shooting, this story evolves as the shoot progresses. I get to crossroads in the storyline and have to work out the characters next move, or the changes of the setting. What makes sense for the story? How do I find the balance between telling my version of the story, but still leave it open to interpretation for the viewer? This is my motivation for taking pictures. Fashion stories provide the canvas for my imaginative stories and bring them to life. Open to interpretation for others. THE TIDE TURNS
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exclusive for FLANELLE MAGAZINE Story: It all came from a glance. Eyes dancing to meet. The silent promise of a return, of another dance together. Those same places that recalled moments of past love and now only her eyes relive what it was. LIGHT MELANCHOLY
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In THE ABYSS Collection every piece is unique and has emotional content. I found the right inspiration and mood in the black fashions of the Victorian era. I wanted to maintain the aristocratic appearance while the dark attributes of the era anchored the actual atmosphere and feeling of the entire collection. I was inspired by Sarah Forbes Bonetta’s character, beautiful photographs of “high rank” looking black women and men dressed no different than upper or even lower-class White Brits even if most of them lived in near destitution. All the above mentioned seen through my own perspective and applied to my own vision. THE ABYSS Look book
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Weakness in man gave rise to power in the imagination Transcendental beings
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Historically mainstream cinema has been an ideological means to disseminate the ruling values/prejudices and economic interests. Subtle propaganda in peacetime and blatant lies during inter-state class war being the main features of cinema as spectacle/entertainment. Hollywood has been dominating the process of rewriting history and cultural engineering for over a century. Spectacle
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The photos published in the MAKEDA Magazine . Photographer: <a class="text-purple-blue" href="">@aigarsnelke</a> Model: @ritmareizina Summer afternoon ...
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“Everything starts in our brain, creating reality as we perceive it for ourselves” I would like to quote David Altmejd who says the head is the beginning and end of our universe. Everything Starts in Our Brain
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I came up with this project as a campaign against the abuse of new technologies in our comunity. REALITY OR FICTION2
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Author's collage in high resolution jpg format 300 dpi Width-41 cm, height-57 cm Flower-Sock Fairy
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This unique photoshoot was created recently in Kyiv. Put the human being in connection with the liquid element, and with the positive feelings that allow him to regenerate after the confinement at home, thus finding harmony with himself and with nature. Rebirth
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