Projects from creatives you follow and more blossoms

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you see blossoms changed with filters of an image software. viva la flora
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You see blossoms and a portrait. The woman is hidden in the nature. And continue to take photos of people in nature and in the city. My world is colorful and shows new impressions abstract and not real. Postmodern suits me. The visual limits have been exceeded. The works of art are colorful and full of admiration for the real world. a woman like you
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you see blooms flowers give a little more
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You see lot of flowers. Image editing gives me a tool for changing images and enhancing content. Often nature photos are changed in color and then combined with other images. Overlaying images and using filters creates new, imaginative worlds. Grandmothers flower bed
project image

you see lot of blooms in an unnature way bouquet of flowers on the wall