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This pencil drawing speaks about expectations but In this case, of things we don't Know and can't relate to. But then when we keep on longing for this thing we don't know, part of us that's meant to be nurtured keeps dying away. So it kind of tries to call us to self discovery and nuture that part of us that has been wasting than sit and expect nothing while some part of us keeps dying. She's been waiting
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Magazine: @beyondall.magazine Ph: Alena Azizova @alenaazizovaph Style: Victoria Bazarova @viktoryko Agency: Fp model agency @fp_model_agency_rus MUA: Victoria Bazarova @viktoryko Md: Ainagul Dyskalieva @Aina_13.04 play on the contrast
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End of 2020 summer. Model Irina Ludosanu. white tissue as a play material. Lensbaby composer lenses. Summer Sunshine
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Inspired by cocoon evolution. The chrysalis. The pupa. The deliverance. The blemish. Cocoon Story