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You see lot of flowers. Image editing gives me a tool for changing images and enhancing content. Often nature photos are changed in color and then combined with other images. Overlaying images and using filters creates new, imaginative worlds. Grandmothers flower bed
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By Photographer Jakub Kosiel for Desnudo Magazine SS17 ANGEL
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By photographer Arron Dunworth Ice cream
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The painting, done during the Coronavirus period, tries to involve the artlover in appreciating nature, because only in this way, he or she will respect it. In our times, with so much pollution and also affected by this terrible virus, a rebirth can only come across if we return to nature. A young woman is delicately lying on a flowery bed, showing how much she loves the environment surrounding her. The painting seems to be enveloped in a fairytale atmosphere, sweet and full of delicacy. Linda in the garden, oil on canvas, 50x90 cm, 2020