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Two roman girls on vacation. They are relaxed and peaceful. The canvas is filled with texture paste on the backgrounds. While the girls are written softly. I drew from nature of these two girls for 1.5 months Two roman girls
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Koi No Yokan is the Japanese phrase that translates to 'The Premonition of Falling in Love'. Style Cruze: Issue 50 Photographer: Alex Melgosa MUA: Stephanie Rivera Models: Camila Chenyi & Elaine Whae Wardrobe Stylist: Valerie Tronolone Video/1st Assist: Jay Lawrence Hair Stylist: Yuya Kanie Assistant: Jordan Lindgren Koi No Yokan
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For all those who do not understand the meaning of the word, No! FY
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MUA: Michelle Raath @skullptmakeupstudio Photographer: © Geran Raath @geranraathphotography IMAGE 1: Pride Red, Life Model: Michelle Raath @skullptmakeupstudio “One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.” Kahlil Gibran It is widely accepted that the colour red on the LGBTQ+ flag represents “LIFE”. Being parents of two wonderful teenage girls, and having experienced the incredible experience of childbirth twice, we agreed that the female form is still ran accurate representation for birth and in turn, life. The female form represents a vessel of life and love. “Life” is fairly nondescript but obviously female in form, and her heart conveys the love felt when giving life to another human being, and the overwhelming love that develops within for another human being. “Life” explodes with beauty and burns away the darkness with her light and passion. The heart on her chest signifies LOVE which er believe its the key to life. Pride Red - Life 2022