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Photographer: Elsa + Johanna Styling: Samuel Bardaji Hair and Makeup: Sumiyo Kyoshima Model: Ingrid Behague Casting: Jordan Mergirie Styling Assistant: Alexandre Paty Special thanks to Gamut HERZOG.IN : this means duchess in German. Between a fashion story and a documentary feature film, this story introduces us an ageless woman, a grieving duchess, a woman abandoned in her natural frenzy for beautiful things. Herzogin dislocates herself, moody, she is like role-playing the child. Tired, she lies down and watches herself living. Glowing, she sways, facing her loneliness whilst her atypical joie de vivre drives her to her darkest moments. Herzogin is a quiet hysterical figure who behaves like a director-less actress. HERZOG.IN
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Photographer: Cristiano Pedrocco Styling: Claudia Antonaci Hair and Makeup: Annalisa Parisi Model: Dashuta at The Fabbrica Photographer assistant: Saverio Pedrocco Special thanks to Stefania Belmonte Alba, Tramonto e Polvere
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Photographer Sophie Van Hasselt Styling Joveek Murphy Hair and Makeup Romy Legger Model Kayla at PURE Management KAYLA
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Passing by the house, which has almost collapsed, I saw in the broken window the outlines of a man and a woman, like the shadows of those who once lived in this house shadows of the past
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Hope is like an dispensable shadow, coldly looking at the reality of us, whether appear in a corner, remind you that it will still be. Shadow Birds