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Photo: @juanpablo.castro MUAH: @pauljoseph_muah Model: @leyahrose Represented by: @nextmodelsmiami Hair #1
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This is a photo manipulation series titled Vintage Wana from a previous photoshoot. Vintage Wana
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This is another twist on lost times. geared more towards late 70''s early 80's when active wear became popular due to the growing urge for fitness within the youth. Retro-Active
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Photography and Styling: Malene Kristopine Økland Model: Ingvild P THEN is a story reflecting about time passing. It is about weared out memories, and worn out clothes. Memories that have been, that I have tried to capture without knowing them. I have exclusively used clothes from my grandmothers house, where I’ve found some great treasures. I love vintage clothing because I know there is a story to every piece. To know that the story belongs to my grandmother, or someone else in my family, makes it even more special to me. THEN
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Model, Vada wearing a dress from Dainty Rascal. Daydreaming at Farms & Fairytales studio venue. Daydreams